First Day- Done!

Hey all! Just got done with my first day at the station- went really well, considering that the language barrier can cause a few issues here and there.

First off, got up early so that I could walk about a mile to the 8:30 meeting. There I found out that I would be following a reporter (her name is Anita) for the day. While we were waiting for the times for her interviews to come around, we read the local newspapers to see what all would be newsworthy for the day. Thankfully, Anita speaks English really well so she could interpret things for me throughout the day.

Met a bunch of the other workers there while making coffee in the small break room they have. All the guys were there at the table, and one of them offered me sugar for my coffee while I was waiting for the water to heat up. He picked up the jar, but the lid wasn’t connected very well, so the jar fell to the ground in a million pieces. The other guys said that I must have made him nervous, and that’s why he dropped the jar. It was the running joke of the morning. After that, a bunch of us just talked for awhile and they were asking a bunch of questions about life in the U.S. and what my interests were, what my family was like, etc.

Anyways, the day went smoothly. I followed Anita on two different stories, and we got everything done on time, so no missing of deadlines for us! And for all my fellow newsies and production friends reading this, you might be interested to know that they do in fact use P2 cards, not tape, and that we edit using Edius. I believe the camera type is the HVX-150, if I understood and remember correctly. Walked home afterwards a little after 4, so it was a full day. I’ll be at the station every day during the week for a full workday, so this girl is going to get some serious training!

I took some pictures and a video on my phone today, but I’m having technical issues and can’t get them on here for some reason, so I will hopefully have some time to take some more tomorrow and get another video done!

Ciao for now! (For those of you that don’t know, adios is more of a permanent “good-bye”, and ciao is used when you’ll for sure be seeing someone again).


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A story teller that wants to voice concerns of those that speak English and Spanish. The world is an open book, and I want to explore it one page at a time!

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