First Week, Done!

Hi! I know it’s been a few days, but I figured I would wait until the week was done with before I posted again. I’ve officially shadowed people for 3 days now, and I keep on learning every day- whether it’s news stuff, the language, or culture differences. I wanted to go out and take pictures on Friday after I was done, but it was pitch black and pouring out by then. I’m hoping to have some time tomorrow to stay on campus afterwards to take pictures of the campus and a video as well.

Second day on the job, I followed Alejandra around with her stories. She had two news packages to do, both on cultural aspects of the country. One was a book review, and another was about a local soccer team. There is a culture segment every Thursday with this station, and she is assigned to that particular beat. After work, a group of us went out to eat for supper. Pizza sure is different here than in the U.S!

Pizza doesn’t have sauce on it, there’s diced up tomatoes sprinkled on top of the cheese. The crust is super thin, and then oregano or some other type of spice is sprinkled on top of the cheese and tomatoes. After that is when all the toppings are arranged.

I also saw the national dance, the Chilean Cueca, being performed out on a local plaza. It was the start of the Festival of San Juan. Lots of food given to everyone, and music blaring from speakers in front of the pavilion.

Friday was a fun day- got to follow Anita again, and since she speaks some English, it was somewhat easier to communicate! We went to the Catholic University, where there is a new technology program that is allowing students to use their cell phones to help create 3-D programs. Something like that anyway. I’m having some issues when we’re out on the job understanding everything that’s being said. The next story was about the local fisherman not being given money that was promised to them by the government because no fish are being caught in the port area. Thankfully Anita was able to translate for me, because in a group of 30-40 men in a government meeting, I couldn’t understand a thing that was said, except for when one of the men swore and he asked for our forgiveness, since we were the only two ladies in the room.

That’s one thing I’ve noticed here, the men are very intent on making sure that women are taken care of. They offer their chairs, or go and find one for us if we don’t have one, pull chairs out for us when we go out to eat, and don’t like swearing in front of us (and will immediately apologize when they do, or ask for forgiveness). It’s almost like traveling back in time.

Time to go- I’ll have some pictures up soon, I promise! As soon as I have free time and daylight, it’ll be the first thing I do!


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A story teller that wants to voice concerns of those that speak English and Spanish. The world is an open book, and I want to explore it one page at a time!

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