Alright, I know some of you might not want to read all about the news life, so I’m going to try and fit some culture in here as well.

On Friday night, my host mom had a party, a Chilean barbecue to be more exact.  Lots of vegetables, and some good appetizers with meat as well.  Veggies on the table were beets, tomatoes with olives, and some mushrooms stuffed with cheese and bacon bits.  There was also some cheese and crackers, and to top off as a beverage, Chilean wine.  It was a sweeter red wine, and I could choose between that and a lemon flavored drink that was made with eggs as well.  I have no clue what the names were of the beverages, but I do know that I preferred the sweet wine over the lemon drink.  Our meat consisted of small pieces of steak, and then had sides of corn and pasta salad.  So basically, the food we eat is the same, this was just at 11 p.m. instead of some culture’s 5 or 6 p.m. time.  We listened to some music, and one of the men there yelled out “The Cueca!”, which happens to be the national dance of Chile.  Here’s a link to an example.  The dancers are dressed in “traditional” Chilean clothes, but I haven’t seen anyone wearing these clothes except for performances of the cueca.

And for anyone that might be planning on traveling to Chile in the future, plan on traveling during the northern hemisphere’s winter- it seriously rains here every other day, and it’s supposed to be my summer!!

If you want to rent a car, you’ll probably need to know how to drive manually, since every car I’ve been in so far is a stick shift.  Someone once asked me if I wanted to drive somewhere, but I couldn’t since I don’t know how to drive stick!

Every day, people greet each other by a cheek to cheek kiss, but men do a sort of handshake or handshake/hug with each other, depending on how close they are to each other.  And with each greeting comes with a how are you?  It’s a little more welcoming and warm than a typical American just saying hi each day.

Went to a local mall/market yesterday, where you could buy all the fresh food you wanted.  It’s a little different on how food is purchased here- you pick out the produce, they weigh it and give you a slip with a price on it.  They keep the produce while you go to the register that’s about 10 feet away to pay, and then the cashier gives you a receipt saying that you paid for it, and you walk back to get your produce that’s still by the scale.

Hoping to have a better week than weekend, I ate some bad food at a Chinese buffet on Saturday and was sick all day yesterday and have been recuperating today.  Back to work tomorrow though, so hopefully some exciting stuff will happen again.




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A story teller that wants to voice concerns of those that speak English and Spanish. The world is an open book, and I want to explore it one page at a time!

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