Mis Pensamientos

Since living in Duluth, I’ve looked at life a little differently.  As I look out onto what is quite possibly the most beautiful bodies of water in the world (Lake Superior, for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about), I think of life like a huge body of water.

There are days where the waters of life are calm- serene almost, perfect for doing whatever you feel and not having a care in the world, going where you please.  Your body is calm inside and out, and nothing can bring you down.

Other days, such as yesterday and today, the water may look calm, but underneath the waves lie currents that are waiting to drag you under, and challenge you in ways you never thought possible.  It might be a challenge, but you’ll maneuver the waves and currents and figure out the problems. (Although if you’re smart, you’ll be able to avoid the issues in the first place by not being stupid and go looking for trouble, if possible).

And last, there are those days where the wind howls, the whitecaps are crashing on the beach, and the sky looks so ominous you wonder why anyone would ever want to leave the comfort of dry land (aka, the days where you don’t want to leave bed).

Thankfully, since starting my full time position as the morning show producer, I’ve only had a few of those days where I don’t want to get out of bed- mainly the days where I know my car isn’t going to get out of my parking lot easy due to snow and ice, days when I don’t feel well, or the days where things will be a little out of the norm.

Most days are the serene days, or the water looks calm but the currents are hiding underneath.  Having a positive outlook on life and knowing that even though the day may be a long one helps a lot. There’s always an end to the day, or a way out of the current if you wait long enough.  If you have a bad attitude, the currents will drag you under and make life even more difficult.

Here in Duluth, everyone enjoys the lake and makes it their pride and joy.  We brag about it’s beauty and cleanliness.

Make your life your pride and joy.  You want to be able to brag about things you’ve accomplished, not just listen to everyone’s stories when you’re old and gray.  So get out there, and enjoy life (and the lake- I’m serious, the lake is amazing!) the most you can.

In the mornings, we pitch story ideas during our content meeting.  Here’s my pitch to you: Enjoy life, including the whitecaps and currents that come along.  Be smart and try to avoid the drama you can, but if you can’t maneuver your way out, just keep swimming (Yes, Finding Nemo reference intended) parallel to the shore. Eventually the storm or current will stop, and life will go on peacefully.


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