Dear Me,

Sometimes it feels like you’re being overlooked. I know that high school/college/work can be tough, especially when you feel like transferring schools or jobs may help you in the long run and make you happier.

However, before asking to move, please read the article I have here for you.

Not being a team captain or getting the most playing time can be a struggle. I get it. I lived through it.

Guess what?

I survived- and so will you. You may be depressed right now, but I promise, life gets better.

Asking why you aren’t asked to perform a certain task takes some guts. However, read this and see if you actually need to ask. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s them. Until then, do whatever you can to make yourself the best, and then ask away.

As a former dancer, I know training and working hard is of the utmost importance- especially when you know you aren’t the best on the team. There’s always room for improvement, even though your stubbornness and pride get in the way and you think you don’t need the help.

Guess what. You’re wrong.

Pride and stubbornness are what defines you, but it is also your weakness. It’s true what they say- your greatest strength IS your biggest weakness.

Not wanting to ask for help on something could be a mistake- who knows what could happen if you ACTUALLY asked for help? Mastering an art could take you further in life, you just don’t know it.